Trusting my intuition saved my life

When everyone around you is telling you something that every fibre in your body is rejecting, what do you do?

This was taken in September 2020.

I tried ignoring my symptoms because no amount of holistic or pharma meds were working. Ignoring my shortness of breath and the fiery storm sweeping through my lungs.

Continuing to work.
Continuing to do ‘a little bit of activity each day’.
Breathwork classes.
Using the power of my mind to tell my body that I was healing.
Wearing my yoga gear to

‘Pushing through’ day by day.
I kept it up for months.

Oh boy, was it the wrong strategy = toxic positivity, denial and resistance between my lungs, mind & soul.

The fiery storm in my lungs became worse.

I was dealing with close people in my life (+ seven doctors) who told me I was suffering from

“Jaz, a top respiratory specialist has told you your lungs are fine, you HAVE to listen to it”.

“I know what I’m feeling, you don’t and I’m going to get to the bottom of it”, I’d tell them defiantly. Though, laying in my bed at night I’d

& trying to understand medical journals that split my head into a thousand pieces.

On the 15th December, I cracked. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. My lungs didn’t let me walk or talk. A feeling of being in a black hole, and I couldn’t see anything — I couldn’t get out.

I text my boss to tell her that — that I was experiencing some kind of She was unbelievably supportive — I was beyond grateful.

I had no case studies to take to my doctors —

I prayed, tears streaming, begging God to help me. To help me escape this cage of despair.

You tell yourself, are going to figure this out — — which is hardest thing that you can do,

If you’re a long hauler and you’re reading this, keep trusting in YOU, despite the gaslighting voices of others — no matter if they’re your doctor, partner or friend.

stop trusting in you.

I stand with you.