I asked my long covid community what their deepest learning was this month


I was so moved by their responses, I had to share them with you

A recent instagram post that I wrote

I posted this on Instagram.

In the post, I asked what “what is your deepest learning right now?”

Fellow long covid warriors shared their insights…

I was so deeply moved — they came straight from the heart.

I resonated with every word, for I have experienced each one too.

Powerful and raw singular expressions of our collective journeys sitting there, undeservedly hidden, in my comments section.

Perhaps other long haulers would see them; perhaps they wouldn’t.

These were powerful and empowering insights — common themes from grief and acceptance to learning how to manage our energy and upholding boundaries.

These are all themes that we navigate through on our own.

But that’s the thing - none of us are on our own.

We’re all experiencing different forms of the same form of illness, together.

So I decided..

They deserved their own space.
To be seen.
To be felt.
To be acknowledged.

And to be shared with other long haulers to sprinkle some courage, wisdom and strength in their journey too.

After all, it’s only ‘us’ who can really understand how it feels to live with long covid.

People that don’t get better, who are trying their damn best to get better — they inspire me on a whole new level.

Community has never been so needed.

Thank you to my fellow long covid warriors for sharing their truth.

A recent instagram post that I wrote

The complex journey between grief and acceptance…

That we must fight persevere for the most important thing in our life: our health…

Accepting a new version of ourselves…

Creating our own toolbox of healing practices…

Gratitude for our growth in resilience and strength…

Learning how to live with limited ‘energy slots’ and to uphold our boundaries!

To acknowledge how we have expanded and evolved…

Using self-inquiry as a tool to understand our bodies better…

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