On the biggest healing mission of my life - recovering from the sci-fi nightmare of Long Covid. Writer, Life Coach, Yogi. IG: Jasminehayer_
Out of the unknown yet into a ‘new limbo’

A quick reminder of my current symptoms (since Covid, March 2020)

  • Shortness of breath and tight chest when walking / talking / bending over (currently more than 20/30 minutes).
  • Exercise intolerance + post-exertional malaise (worsening of symptoms after minor physical or mental exertion).
  • Random…

I was one of fifty-one people on a video call with the NIHR

Cardiopulmonary exercise test - Royal Brompton lung function department

To give you some context about my situation:

  • My pre-covid diagnosis: no diagnosis / symptoms except low blood pressure
  • My post-covid diagnosis: blood clots in right lung which dissolved thanks to blood thinners, hypoperfusion defect in right lung (ongoing blood thinners), post-covid…

I’m here to translate the madness of my recovery into language that’s understandable for anyone who’s not a scientist or specialist, which is pretty much all of us…

My specialists are…

This was taken in September 2020.

My Long Covid Diaries by Jasmine Hayer

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