Why a diagnosis took 11 months and 4 days to find and why it’s so medically baffling

Out of the unknown yet into a ‘new limbo’

A quick reminder of my current symptoms (since Covid, March 2020)

Thursday 11th February 2021: a day of specialist tests at The Royal Brompton

On the 11th February, I was given the full ‘MOT’…

How I went from a fit aspiring yoga teacher to not being able to walk or talk

Me (pre-COVID), when holidays were ‘a thing’

Hi, my name is Jasmine Hayer (you can call me Jaz), and I’m one of the earliest, longest standing COVID-19 Long haulers in the UK (not a label that I thought I’d ever give to myself), but here we are.

You can find my story in Stylist Magazine.

The full and up to date version is below.

A fit, healthy aspiring Yoga Teacher

I’m a 31-year-old Life Coach, Ayurvedic Health Coach and the Head of Membership at Kindred,a Members Club in West London. I was an avid yogi, practiced daily meditation and had no existing illnesses.

I noticed that stress impacted me more physically and I was susceptible to the ‘London burn-out’, but hey, what busy millennial in the city wasn’t? I was used to practicing hours of intense…

We have entered another health crisis but the Government isn’t telling anyone

Left: extraverted me before Covid-19 | Right: unable to walk or talk after relapsing nine months into Long Covid

#1: To educate people about what Long Covid actually is

Long Covid is the long term effect of Covid-19 (12 weeks plus), yet ‘new symptoms’ emerge across multiple organs that people don’t even experience with Covid-19. Long Covid sufferers, known as ‘long haulers’ experience unexplainable new symptoms, relapses and the complete rewiring of our previously normal health.

Watch this 90 second video made by long hauler and journalist Gez Medinger, who is part of the support groups.

You find yourself unable to do what you did before, sometimes there’s a diagnosis and sometimes there’s not, alongside extremely unexpected…

Jasmine Hayer

Life Coach, Ayurvedic Health Coach and Yogi currently recovering from the sci fi nightmare of Long Covid. These are my long covid diaries. IG: Jasminehayer_

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